The bus routes and timings are planned in consultation with First Group, and are designed around pick-up points (many of which are existing bus stops) located within around 300m of a student's home address. Students are dropped off either within the school grounds, or at the school gates, depending on the school's individual arrangements.


At present, the buses only operate within the Borough of Runnymede.

The buses are American-style, designed specifically for the safe movement of students, and are only used for school transport and educational trips. Each bus has 60 high-back seats, all with an integral lap belts encased in a all-steel body passenger compartment,  with a safety cage with roll over bars on a rigid steel chassis, which is above the point of impact of most accidents.


Guaranteed seats are provided for all students who are registered for the service,  no standing is permitted on the buses. Each school has its own dedicated bus service promotes ownership and prevents conflicts between other bus users and schools.





First Group aims to provide the same driver on the same bus every day, so that the students and driver get to know and trust each other, to create a friendly but ordered environment on board. However, to maintain a well ordered service the drivers can refuse access to students who break the rules or cannot show a vaild ticket.  A register of the students travelling on each bus is taken regularly by the drivers, particularly at the beginning of the school year, while he/she is getting to know the students on board.


Drivers are fully trained and licensed, police vetted, and receive additional training in customer care, first aid, safety, security and student behaviour.




First Group provides safety and evacuation training to the students using the bus by the driver at the start of the school year, and when new students start. They will then know what to do in the event of an emergency.




For students who arrive before 8:00 a.m. some schools provide either a supervised breakfast club, or rooms for

working and waiting until the school day starts. Students attending after-school activities can also use later buses.